The 4,700 mile challenge game 2: Star Wars Legion!!

Andy and I take a shot at Star Wars Legion: the learning game!

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The 4,700 Mile Challenge Session 1: ORKS vs Space Wolves

Andy and I take each other on in a 500 point match of 8th edition warhammer 40k!!

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Forge world open day news

Lots of cool things shown at the forge world open day this past weekend and one thing i never expected to see again a lord of the rings box set and even more exciting is its all plastic!

Via Warhammer community

Forge World Open Day: Return to Middle-earth™

It’s the Forge World and Specialist Games Open Day here in Warhammer World, and as ever, those wonderful folk from Forge World have brought along a veritable banquet for the eyes, with brand new models and more. Here’s a rundown of the exciting new stuff they’re showing off.

It’s been an incredible seventeen years since the first The Lord of the Rings™ Strategy Battle Game releases, and six since The Hobbit™ was added to the range. And now, there’s an entirely new edition coming, with a brand-new boxed game!

Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game: The Battle of Pelennor Fields is a new boxed game based on the climactic battle from The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King™. Inside it, you’ll find plastic models for two armies and a brand new edition of the game rules. The Middle-earth team are remaining tight-lipped on the details, but they’ve been hard at work on updating the game while keeping everything you love about the current edition.

The armies feature a whopping 84 Citadel miniatures – including a brand new version of Theoden, King of Rohan on foot and horseback. This model is the first in what will be a range of new plastic characters for the setting. The model is incredibly detailed – a faithful depiction of the king, during his glorious last charge.

Alongside Theoden ride 12 Riders and Warriors of Rohan and 20 Warriors of the Dead. Against them stand no fewer than 36 Morannon Orcs, a Mordor Troll and The Witch-king of Angmar atop a Fell Beast. Also included, are all the various gaming accessories you’d expect – dice, range-rulers (themed to each army), tokens, and most importantly of all – a brand new 208-page edition of the rules.

Beyond the boxed game…

Alongside the boxed game will be a book called called Armies of The Lord Of The Rings. This tome will be your guide to the various forces of Good and Evil during the War of the Ring.

On top of that, there are plenty of new Forge World kits on the way to expand your Middle-earth armies, starting with some fabulous new models of Knights of Dol Amroth and some Gondorian and Orc Heroes.

The Battle of Pelennor Fields 
will be available in August.

We’ll be bringing you more information about this new edition soon – so keep an eye out.

The release of Adeptus Titanicus is drawing closer, and at the Open Day, Forge World are showing off what you can expect as your battles in the Horus Heresy grow to encompass a whole new scale of warfare.

The release will see a variety of different ways to get your hands on the new game, the ultimate one being the epic Grand Master Edition. This includes two(!) Warlord Titans, six Questoris Knights, a set of Adeptus Titanicus buildings and much more – including the rulebook, of course, plus Command Terminals for your Titans and Knights, Weapon cards, Mission cards, Stratagem cards, Battlefield Assets, templates and dice – literally everything you need to get started.

There will also be packs of buildings available separately – plus the Warlord Titan and Knights, of course, and Forge World are even releasing themed boards for the game, which are on display today.

The release of Adeptus Titanicus will be quickly followed up with more models to add to your growing Titan Legion – the first of which will be the Reaver Titan, along with its own Command Terminals and Weapons cards.

We’ve spotted some renowned heroes of the Horus Heresy lurking at the event as well – including Jenetia Krole of the Sisters of Silence and the truly terrifying Magos Dominus Scoria, a fallen scion of the Mechanicum. The mighty Carnodon tank is also on display, which will provide more armoured might to armies of the Solar Auxilia.

Two Space Marine Legions are getting new commanders, with power-armoured and Terminator armour-clad Praetors for the Blood Angels and Alpha Legion on display.

And That’s Not All!

The denizens of the underhive are in on the action too, with awesome Orlock Weapons Sets on sale today, and the team are showing off more weapons coming soon for Van Saar gangs. The models for House Cawdor are also here, along with Gang War 4 and a new hired gun, Kria the Huntress. A Gang Leaders Accessory Pack will also be providing you with gang rosters, Scenario cards, tokens and a quick reference guide to make keeping track of everything even easier.

There’s a fantastic array of Blood Bowl models, including Cheerleaders for no fewer than three teams – Humans, Orcs and Chaos – along with Elven Star Player Eldril Sidewinder and the long-awaited Human Team Booster, with alternative poses for various Human players.

What’s coming soon will please Dark Elf players no end, with Cheerleaders and Assassins to add to their team, along with Roxana Darknail, the infamous Dark Elf Star Player.

Something for everyone, then! Head to the Forge World Facebook page to let us know what releases you’re most excited for, and if you’re gutted that you missed out on the shiny new things, you might want to pick up tickets for Warhammer Fest Europe, where you’ll be able to see much of this and more.

Kill Team Faction Focus

I think i found my faction!

via the Warhammer Community


Kill Team Focus: Deathwatch

We’ve spent our last two Kill Team Focuses looking at the foul xenos – but what about slaying them? Fear not, faithful one – the Deathwatch are at hand. As the bold innovators who were fighting in kill teams before it was cool, they’re a worthy choice for those looking for an elite and adaptable force for their games of skirmish warfare…

Deathwatch Veterans are the single most customisable unit in kill team – with a single kit, you’ll be able to build anything from heavy-weapons troops and backfield snipers to melee juggernauts. Even their bolters can fire several types of Special Issue Ammunition.

Deathwatch kill teams have a tiny model count, making them easy to collect and paint. If you’re looking for a small, specialised kill team that maintains flexibility, these are the guys for you.

Building a Deathwatch kill team is super rewarding from the perspective of lore – you’ll be able to really go to town tying each Space Marine to their individual Chapter.

Deathwatch Veterans can be equipped for pretty much anything, with all sorts of esoteric wargear like Deathwatch shotguns, Deathwatch frag cannons, heavy thunder hammers and more.

Combined with Special Issue Ammunition, Deathwatch Intercessors can adapt to slay any foe.

These guys are nearly as shooty as Intercessors, as well as boasting some mobility-boosting wargear and deadly prowess in close combat.

Nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry/bitter, centuries-old enmity. Pair up two heavy weapon-wielding gunners and turn their bickering into valuable re-rolls.

Struggling with enemy leaders? Not anymore! Just having this Tactic ready to go will force your enemy to think twice about putting their precious leader in harm’s way.

A Deathwatch Veterans set is the ideal place to kick off your kill team, allowing you to arm five Space Marines with a huge variety of advanced wargear and offering you loads of shoulder pads, guns and accessories to spice up the rest of your collection. Alternatively, go full-Primaris and grab a set of Intercessors along with some Deathwatch upgrades.